What is casebrief.me?
This website is a user-driven repository for summaries (or “case briefs”) of legal decisions issued by courts or tribunals. Visitors and registered users can find case briefs by searching for a case name or keyword. All users can also browse case briefs by subject area, topic, or contributor.

The case briefs are general discussions of certain legal and related issues and are not to be relied upon as legal advice. The case briefs may not have been written or reviewed by a legal practitioner. No legal advice is sought by browsing this site, and none is given.

What are the benefits of registering?
When you register, you (1) get access to the Briefcase; (2) can add your own case briefs; (3) and can comment on the case briefs submitted by others. You can also earn user icons and achievement badges (read more).

Using the  Briefcase, you can save case briefs to read again later, and see all your contributions. This makes it easy to see only what you want, and to print lists that include the style of cause of ratio of your favourite cases.

Who can register? Why is registration limited?
Registration is free. To register, you need a university or college email address (for a list of currently authorized institutions, click here). If you have a university or college email address and still can’t register, please contact us: info@casebrief.me.

We limit registration to avoid spam and other potential abuses of the website. Lawyers, law students and law-related practitioners are the primary audience for casebrief.me;  most of these individuals will have attended a university or college.

What are “Authoritative Casebriefs”?
These are the most popular case briefs. Popularity is defined by the number of times a case brief is added to a registered user’s briefcase. The most added case briefs appear at the top of the “Authoritative Casebriefs” list.

How can I tell the difference in quality between casebriefs?
There may be more than one case brief for a single court or tribunal decision. Ratings for individual case briefs are primarily determined by how many times a brief has been added to a briefcase. Since only registered users can add an item to their briefcase, and a university or college email address is required to become a registered user, this rating system is a fairly effective method of quality control. Read more about quality assurance here.

Is casebrief.me optimized for mobile devices?
Yes! The layout will change slightly into a single column when viewed on your iOS or Android device. We’ve also added a device icon that you’ll see when you “Add to Home Screen” on your iPhone or iPad. All the website functionality is still available on mobile devices.

I have more questions; who can I contact?
We’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have! Contact us at info@casebrief.me.