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    Fiala v Cechmanek (2001), 201 DLR (4th) 680 (Alta CA)

    A person with a serious mental illness is not beholden to the reasonable person test.

    Joyal v Barsby (1965), 55 DLR (2d) 38 (Man CA)

    Children who lack above average intelligence and experience cannot be held contributorily negligent.

    Stubart Investments Ltd v The Queen, [1984] 1 SCR 536

    There is no jurisprudential principle that there must be a business purpose (to a transaction that results in a decrease in taxes payable).

    United States v Carroll Towing Co (1947), 159 F2d 169 (2d Cir)

    A reasonable risk is one whose cost of avoidance is less than probability of the injury, multiplied by the severity of the injury should it occur.