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Household Fire and Carriage Insurance Co v Grant (1879) 4ex d 219


Notice sent to P by post. Letter never made it to D


What is the time of acceptance regarding the post?


Whatever medium the parties themselves chose to communicate will be used to assess when acceptance occurs.

Postal Acceptance Rule – the offer is accepted when the acceptance is placed in the mail (posted), not when the offeror receives the acceptance


An acceptance to an agent of the offeror is considered acceptance directly to the offeror. (ex If C is the agent of B, and A accepts B’s offer by communication to C, then A and B are in a contract).
Treat post office as an agent – this way can have meeting of mind.
**Recognized law that the minds of the two parties must be brought together by mutual communication


Time of acceptance is when was posted in the mail


  1. Fiat Justitia Ruat Caelum 32

    Non-delivery of the mail was immaterial.

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