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  • national emergency accounts for 2 out of 812 casebriefs.

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R v Crown Zellerbach Canada Ltd, [1988] 1 SCR 401

National Concern doctrine is separate and distinct from Emergency doctrine of POGG
*Emergency Branch provides a basis for what is necessarily legislation of a temporary nature
*National concern doctrine applies to both new matters and to which matters, although originally of a local or private nature in a province, have since, in the absence of a national emergency, become matters of a national concern

Test for a matter to qualify as a matter of national concern: matter of national concern that has singleness, distinctiveness or indivisibility that distinguishes it from matter s of a prov nature
**In determining above it is relevant to consider what would be the effect on extra-provincial interests of a prov failure to deal effectively w/ the control or reg of the intra-prov aspects of the matter – Provincial Inability Test