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Vaughn v Halifax-Dartmouth Bridge Comm (1961), 29 DLR (2d) 523 (NS SC)


Bridge operated and maintained by defendant was painted. Flecks of paint blew off by wind onto nearby cars. Owner of one of those cars sued in negligence. Defendant argued that it took all necessary measures to prevent or minimize injury to the plaintiff.


What would a reasonable person have done to avoid the risk of paint falling onto cars?


A person is liable in negligence when they do not take reasonable steps to address/avoid the risks of their actions.


Reasonable to assume that paint would fall; Some precautions were taken.

Many different actions that a reasonable defendant could have taken (not difficult, not expensive):
** Warning car owner
** Posting signs
** Moving cars
** Wiping paint off cars promptly


Decision for plaintiff. Defendant was negligent.

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