For Non-Registered Users

Information for non-registered users is found here.

Why didn’t I receive my username and password after registering?
When registering, please ensure that your school email address is correctly entered. If you haven’t received the registration email, please contact us at and we’ll get you set up.

Who can I contact about
We’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have! Contact us at

For Registered Users

How do I save my favourite cases?
Once you’ve registered, you can save case briefs to  My Briefcase. When reading a case brief, there is a  icon just below the case title. When you click that button, the case brief will be saved to your briefcase.

To see all of your saved briefs, go to  My Briefcase. 

What happens if I save a brief to my briefcase, and then the author deletes the brief?
We hope that contributors will not delete their submitted briefs. But if this happens, you’ll still be able to see the style of cause and the ratio of the brief in  My Briefcase. However, you won’t be able to access the rest of the brief.

If you click the red delete button, the brief will be completely removed from your briefcase.

How do I contribute my own case briefs?
Once you’ve registered, you can contribute a case brief via the  icon. You’ll then be taken to a special page to add your case brief information.

When adding a case brief, only three things are required: (1) Short title of the case (e.g. R v Oakes); (2) Style of cause (e.g. R v Oakes, [1986] 1 SCR 103); (3) Ratio. All these components are visibly marked *required when adding your brief.

The other components are not required, but will help provide a more complete case brief: facts; issue; analysis; holding; commentary; and a link to the full decision. You may also want to choose a category or enter a tag (topic) for your brief.

Can I change a case brief that I contributed? How do I edit or delete my case briefs?
You can only edit the briefs that you’ve submitted to Any time you see a  button, you can edit that brief. By clicking that button, you’ll be taken to a special page that looks the same as the page you used to contribute your brief the first time. You can make any necessary changes, and then click the Update button. You can also delete your case brief by clicking “Move to Trash.”

To see a list of your contributed briefs, go to  My Briefcase and then to  My Contributions.

How do I add indents or other formatting to my case briefs?
In order to maintain a consistent layout and style for every brief, only indents may be added. When starting a line that you wish to indent, begin the line with **. If you wish to indent the line farther, use *** or ****.

While bold, italics and other formatting techniques cannot be used, feel free to use UPPERCASE or quotation marks for important terms.

I want to contribute a case brief, but someone else already did so for the same case! Can I still contribute my case brief?
Absolutely! There is no single best way to brief a case. Different people may come up with different ratios or interpretations of the same case. By contributing your own case brief, you can keep track of your own interpretation, and help others with their interpretations as well.

How does the points system work?
You earn points by participating on the site. The points you’ve earned determine your user level (and the icon that appears beside your name on the case briefs you contribute).

You receive one (1)  point per case brief you contribute, one (1) point every time someone saves one of your briefs to their briefcase, and 0.5 points every time you save a brief to your briefcase. You also receive bonus points when you earn an achievement badge, indicated in the question below.

How do I earn
awards (user icons and badges)?

There are two different types of awards: user icons and achievements. 

User icons are displayed beside your name in the case briefs you contribute. The user icons are determined by how many points you’ve achieved. You can see how many points you need for the next level on your Profile page.

You earn achievement badges by participating in different ways. On your Profile page, all the achievement badges have descriptions indicating how the badge is achieved. Each badge is worth points that are added on to your overall point total. The badge is also displayed to other users on your contributor page (when someone clicks your name in a case brief you contributed).

I have more questions; who can I contact?
We’d love to hear any questions or comments you may have! Contact us at